When it comes to online leads, the one thing that you have to make sure that you get right is keywords – it is the only way that users will find you. With so many keyword research tools in the market you might think that it is quite easy to get keywords right. As a matter of fact it isn’t; often, internet marketers lose leads because they don’t have the right keyword research tools. One of the best in the market today is LongTailPro. It was introduced in 2011 and is used today by more than 70,000 internet marketers, many of them whom are very happy with it.

The reason why LongTailPro is so well loved is that it gives you long-tail keywords that are so well loved by search engines. In case you don’t know what they are, they are phrases that people type into search engines to find the information that they want. If, for example you want some information on how to install a window, instead of typing in “install window” most users will type in “how to install a window”. That is what a long-tail keyword is. Search engines love them because they know that they are the ones that most users are typing in. This is what makes them the most searched keywords. LongTailPro will get you these kinds of keywords.

Once you generate long tail keywords all that is left for you is create content to suit it. Remember, it is a little harder to create content for these kind of keywords so you have to find someone who knows how to use them. Make sure that you check content before you post it online – all instances where the long-tail keywords have been used have to read sensibly.

LongTailPro is great but not only for keywords for creating content. It is also very helpful as an Adwords keywords tool. You want to create ads that are highly targeted and the only way to do that today is using a tool like LongTailPro to deliver long-tail keywords. In addition to giving you long tail keywords, you will be happy to know that this tool is great for doing competitor analysis. It can tell you the kind of keywords they are using and the response they get to those keywords so that you can adjust your campaign accordingly. This way you can always stay ahead of others in your niche. Those who are looking to buy domain names will also be happy to know that this tool can tell them which domains are taken and which ones are still available in just a few key strokes.

LongTailPro also makes it easier to check your website’s rank. When you start doing SEO you expect to see your site rank better and better. This tool will show in a glance how well you are ranked on Google, Yahoo and Bing so that you can adjust your SEO strategy as needed.

The bets thing is that unlike many other keyword research tools in the market this one is highly affordable. If you choose the annual plan you only pay $25. If, however, you choose the monthly plan then you pay $37 a month, so it makes much more sense to choose the yearly plan. If you want to learn more about keyword research and other aspects of internet marketing you can pay $197 to join the Long Tail Online University. All users pay just $1 for one month free trial on the software.

If you have been relying on unproductive keyword research tools it is time that you converted your website into a lead generator using LongTailPro.

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SourceMarket Review

SourceMarket is one of the fastest growing websites for SEO and internet marketers. What is it and what does it do? Is it reliable or is it one of those gigs that sweeps the web and then dies a quiet death somewhere in a corner? To find out, we had a look for ourselves and here is what we were able to find out. Basically, it is a site that allows internet marketers to buy and sell all kinds of gigs. In other words, it is very much like Fiverr only that this one is specific to SEO – users can buy and sell backlinking services, SEO services, YouTube ranking, content and so on.  

What this allows internet marketers to do is get their websites to the first page of search results on the cheap. Just go on the site, find the service that you need, find someone who can provide it for a fee you can afford and then pay them once the job is done. Providers also have a huge advantage – they have a stage to showcase their skills and make money easily. The site has a weekly best seller – anyone who manages to pull in more than $10,000.

Is it legit?

It is understandable that this is the question that many pose when they come across SourceMarket for the very first time – there have been so many scams that everyone is cautious. The truth is that this website is as legitimate as they come. Joining is easy and free. Once you are a member you can either buy a gig or post one. For those who are looking to get their jobs done fast (and those who can deliver gigs fast) there is a 24 hour tab. There is also a $5 for those who want to limit payments.

Are there other benefits to SourceMarket?

As a matter of fact there are some pretty superb qualities that you will enjoy. The first is that seller are not charged a dime in commissions. If you post a gig for $100 and someone buys it you get your full $100 in your account. In addition to that:

•    There are no limits to how much you can charge for your gig. Just turn it on and add value and you can charge even $1,000 if you want. This is different from Fiverr where you are stuck with only $5 gigs.

•    You get an affiliate link. If someone clicks on your link to loop back to the site and they buy a gig you get a commission.

•    The amount of money that you make is all up to you – if you are willing and able to take on many gigs there is no reason why you shouldn’t make several thousand dollars every month.

It is always important to look at both pros and cons when looking into websites like SourceMarket. There is only one con, and that is on the side of the buyers: there is no guarantee that you will get high quality, which means that it is up to you to do your homework on any gig creator that you choose. That said, you can verify the quality of their work if they have a website where they advertise their services. For sellers, the only con is that the site is growing so fast that it will very soon be very crowded. If you want to make money you have to join now and offer nothing but the best quality gigs.

Our overall conclusion is that you cannot go wrong with SourceMarket. If you are a seller just work hard and distinguish yourself and if you are a buyer, do a little background before you purchase a gig.

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Discover The Key To Successful Campaigns With PPC Keyword Tool

Imagine this scenario if you will…

You’ve decided to throw your hat into the online marketing world, building niche websites that you will be using to promote affiliate offers, and eventually products of your own.

In fact, you have already decided to outsource the product creation process, as that’s where the real money is at, at least that’s what you’ve been told.

You’ve spent thousands on purchasing domain names, hosting, themes for your word press sites, have paid writers to produce top notch content, created videos and other such content for your social media accounts and websites.

You launch.


Nothing for a few days, few weeks and months…

So you decide to pay someone even more to help build backlinks to your sites, build social signals and create even more content, because content is king, right?

Still, nothing.  Your sites are at the top of the rankings for your keywords.

What could the problem possibly be?

Upon closer inspection and some help from a few marketing friends, you soon find what the problem is – keywords.

You chose the WRONG ones.

See, if you choose the right keywords you’ll be profiting quickly.  Choose the wrong keywords and you’ll be out of money quickly, with little to show for it.

It’s like climbing a ladder that’s leaning against the wrong wall.

Sure you’re moving, making progress to where you think you need to go, but when you get there you realize that you’ve been working alright, BUT working in the wrong direction.

That’s where PPC Keyword Tool comes into play.

PPC Keyword Tool takes all of the guesswork out of creating your Google Adwords ads.  In fact, most people new to Pay Per Click Adwords simply do it incorrectly.

If you don’t know what you are doing, you can waste a lot of time and money VERY QUICKLY.

There are programs out there that can help, but they are extremely expensive and charge a monthly fee, which is why many have been raving about PPC Keyword Tool.

You’ll only pay a one-time fee, with no monthly costs to worry about like other programs.

PPC Keyword Tool will help you to create high quality Adwords campaigns with thousands of keywords, thousands of ad groups, and also ads with thousands of image text banners generated automatically AND quickly.

If you are a beginner and new to this program, we’ll cover some of the basics here so you can see what you need to do to get started.

Google Adwords Campaign Creator

Once you start the program you will be taken to the Google Adwords campaign Creator.

At the top of this screen you will see a tab labeled “Create Campaign.”  Click on that tab and you will see several areas near the top that will ask you to enter your chosen keywords, your campaign name and bid prices.

In the bottom section you will see two areas.  To the left you will see an area where your chosen keywords are entered and to the right you will see a section to create your ad.

The Ad section will have enough tabs for you to create six different ads.  Within each ad such as “Ad 1,” you will see several more lines where you will be given the opportunity to build out your actual ad.

These lines include your headline, two lines for a description, a displayed url and an actual destination url.  Keep in mind that you have a maximum amount of characters you can use.

Here is a table to help you better understand what it looks like, and also some dummy text:

Headline                                    Text                                                                                       Max Characters

Headline                             AB Widgets In Your City                                                                  25
Description 1                     Cheap Widgets Starting At Only $1                                                35
Description 2                     In Business For Over 20 Years                                                        35
Displayed URL                                                               35
Destination URL              http://                                        1024
Preview :

AB Widgets In Your City
Cheap Widgets Starting At Only $1
In Business For Over 20 Years


Located to the right of the ad creation box are two buttons labeled “copy” and “paste.”  What this effectively does is allows you to copy the ad you are currently looking at, and then paste it into the next ad.  This way you can make slight changes if that was all wanted to do.

For instance, if your ad was basically going to look the same with just a few words changed, then this option would make it EXTREMELY easy to do so without having to retype everything or manually copying and pasting from cell to cell.

Once you are ready to export the campaign, you can click the “Generate Campaign” button at the bottom of the screen.  Another screen will pop up confirming your request to export the campaign.

Above the button labeled “Generate Campaign Now” on this screen is a check box labeled “Generate Unique Ad Group Names.”  By default this box is unchecked, but you can check it should you decide that you want this option.

When you are ready, click on “Generate Campaign Now” and another screen will pop up showing you the multiple Ad Groups that were created, as well as the many Total Ads that were created.

For example, if you entered 80 keywords, then 160 total Ad Groups would be created with a total of 320 Total Ads created.  Once this is completed you can click “close” on the pop up screen that is currently showing.  You are now ready to move on to the Adwords Editor.

As you can see, the process of creating ads has become extremely easy.

If you have ever tried creating ads manually before then you know just how long and tedious the process can be.  And as previously shown, utilizing a tool such as PPC Keyword Tool makes the process push button simple.

In a matter of minutes you can create hundreds of Ad Groups and hundreds of ads to use.  In fact, you can make thousands if that’s what you want to do.

If you have been looking into doing any kind of Pay Per Click marketing with the Google Ad Network, then this is definitely a tool that can make that process much easier.

Not only will you be able to produce many different Ad Groups and Ads, but you will also be able to start testing those ads to see which ones win out over the rest, which makes your journey to profit much shorter.

At this point you have one of two options.

You can either leave your campaigns to chance & do things the hard way OR you can find a tool to automate the process and ensure your success.

The choice is yours.

Choose wisely.


PPC Keyword Tool – Should You Buy It?

Trying to find a keyword tool that is going to help you maximize your campaigns on Google Adwords?

Don’t want to take the risk of wasting money on something such as this? Most people are in such a position and they just want an automated solution that will help along the way. This is where PPC Keyword Tool becomes the option for you moving forward according to their marketing team. Let’s take a look at whether this is true or you are going to get duped once the purchase is made. Here is a review on the product for you.

Dynamic Image Ads

The main thing you are going to enjoy about this tool would have to do with the dynamic image ads that are going to be created. It is one thing to have quality keywords that are going to be targeted and another to have converting ads that work well.

Most people are able to do one part of the process, but can’t seem to get the other part to work. This is where the tool is going to come in handy. This is an effective tool with regards to creating high-quality ads with ease.

Converting Campaigns Produced Consistently

ad1It is easy to set up campaigns and you might even like how they look, but what if they don’t convert as you had hoped they would? What will you do when this happens? With this tool, you will never have to worry about this because it has the ability to target the right keywords and have complete accuracy as desired.

What this enables the user to do is to create and launch campaigns that are going to convert. People are going to click on them and the conversions will be racing in as desired.

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

Don’t want to take the risk? Feel you are going to get scammed out of your hard-earned money. This is a good feeling to have as it keeps you on your toes and that is always important in the long-term.

You should go with this tool because you will be able to test it out for two months to see the value it has to offer. You are just not going to find this kind of quality anywhere else on the market. The team behind this tool trust the work they have done and are willing to show it through this guarantee.

Concluding Thoughts

Is this a great tool? Yes, this is as comprehensive as it gets and those who are wishing to find the best keywords are going to adore this option. It is truly the kind of tool that is going to make a positive difference.

There is no value in going with options that don’t provide complete value right from the word ‘go’. This is where you are going to enjoy this tool because the value is going to be consistent and you are going to love how easy it is to use in general.


Long Tail Keyword-What Is It

Long tail keywords are the way of the future in SEO and those who are tapping into this segment of the market are the ones who are ranking with ease. Let’s take a look at what this is all about and what the right tool is going to offer.

What Is A ‘Long Tail Keyword’?

Before moving towards the product in question, you have to be willing to understand what it has to offer. The best place to begin would be to define what a long tail keyword is as that is what you are going to be getting.

In essence, ranking on Google is all about finding the right keywords and optimizing your site to rank for them. This leads to free traffic and that is always a good thing. However, the competition is high on keywords that are ‘broad’ such as acne, depression, cancer. These are hard to rank for because everyone is trying.

Long tail keywords are 4-5 words in length and have smaller search volumes, but less competition as well. An example would be “tips on treating acne quickly”. As you can see that is a five-word keyword and in essence “long tail”.

Main Benefits for SEO

Long tail keywords have a higher chance to rank and bank faster compare to the exact term. The logic behind this fact is a real user with a buying intention will type in “nomarks acne pimple cream online” instead of searching for “acne cream online”. Hence, if you want to rank for acne cream products, you need to understand what are the buying keywords. As a result, long tail keyword combines with LSI keyword tend to have lesser competition and open a bigger opportunity to rank multiple keywords at the same time.

Different Types Of Products

So, the next question is how can you define all the money keywords? There are tools where you can have the keywords picked out for you while others can build an entire campaign around the long tail keyword you are going for. The best are going to provide a bit of both.

There are fee tools that you can use:

  • Google Suggestion search
    When you type in any phrase, Google will automatically provide suggested keywords to match with your queries. Nothing is best than getting data from Google itself.


  • Uber Suggest
    This tool allow you to enter one keyword then it will drill down further using its standard words to give you more options that you may not have thought about it before
  • Keyword Shitter
    As the name suggest, once you add your query, the tool will run and give you tons of keywords like sh*t.

However, free tools have their own limitations and the main drawback is it can only analyze one keyword at a time and you need other tools to analyze its competition level and search volume, etc.

This is where a paid keyword tool comes into picture. Most of paid software have the same mission, to save time and give the most accurate data as possible. There are many other tools out there, but there are only 3 tools that I’ve personally used so far:

  1. PPC Keyword Tool >> This is by far the easiest tool to find adwords key phrases and analyze them. The software runs well on both Windows and Mac, and also it has a good support. Read my review here
  2. Long Tail Keyword Tool >> This is another great tool but doesn’t have a complete feature as the first one.
  3. Scrapebox >> This tool is more than just a keyword tool, it’s a scraper so basically what you do is to load up with plenty of seed keywords, and then the software will find match phrases based on these former words, and so on up to an indefinite depth level. The only drawback is it doesn’t support analysis tool, so you need to get another tool to pick the right keyword.

Concluding Thoughts

No matter how many tools out there, the key point to choose a good keyword is based on logic and experience to connect the dots. Once you got the selected phrases, you will need to build a good content and understand about on-page SEO, and this is another important factor in ranking.