6 Essential Checks before an MOT Test

MOT testing is a form of pre-inspection carried out on a vehicle before being sold on the road. It is usually carried out by an MOT tester whose job is to check that a vehicle meets the standards set by the government. Using a vehicle that is not roadworthy can be dangerous. MOT testing is carried out to check on the vehicle’s roadworthiness and is a vital step in the sale of a vehicle.

An MOT, or “Motor Vehicle Test,” is carried out on vehicles to ensure they meet the legal standards required to be driven on British roads. An MOT can be carried out by a qualified mechanic, a trained driver, or an MOT tester.

As an MOT tester, one of the most important skills you will have is being able to read the vehicle’s warning lights and indicators. With around ten different lights and indicators that could appear on a car’s dashboard, it is vital to know the difference between them.

  • Tyres

Tyres are a very important part of your car. The purpose of an MOT is to check the condition of these vital parts and ensure they are safe to use. But, with so many types of tyre manufacturers and brands to choose from, how do you know the correct way to check and maintain your tyres? If you have driven a car for any length of time, chances are you will have experienced the dreaded puncture. Having a puncture can be a scary experience. Let’s face it you don’t want to end up in the middle of the road with no option but to stop and call for help.

  • Windscreen Wipers

When we get out of our cars, the first thing we notice is the windshield. It allows us to see out into the world, but it makes us feel like we’re being watched. This is because of how the glass (made from glass) reflects the sunlight.

One way of looking at the windshield is that it is a semi-transparent barrier between you and the world. It is certainly the most important thing that you will touch when you get in your car.

  • Lights

With recent advances in technology, we now have the ability to accurately assess the condition of your vehicle. However, it is still important to fully understand the various checks that are undertaken during an MOT test. After all, no two vehicles are the same. Lights are a vital safety feature in most cars, and everyone should know how to use them.

  • Screen Wash

When you trade in your car for a new one, it’s a good idea to check it over again before you put it away for the winter. That’s because your new purchase is more than likely to be affected by road grime, dust, bird droppings, and other nasties. Have you ever read the small print on the MOT tester’s instructions? It says to use a safe and legal screen wash to clean the windshield. But what is a safe and legal screen wash? Surely only a certain brand of screen wash is safe and legal, right? Wrong! It could be a homemade one made of a mix of cleaning agents with no water in it at all. It could be a screen wash you made yourself, along with some (probably) illegal chemicals. Or it could be a completely legal screen wash made of safe and legal chemicals.

  • Seats and Seatbelts

For the last decade or so, a number of new safety technologies have come along to protect drivers from the dangers of driving, one of which is airbags. An airbag is a safety system that is attached to the driver’s seat and inflates in the event of a collision, deploying to protect the driver’s chest and head from injury. The airbag is activated by an airbag sensor that detects the driver’s body weight and proximity to the seat and fires when the sensor detects a collision. Safety belts are a much-debated subject. They are mandatory in the UK and some other countries but are optional in others. Some people believe that wearing a seat belt is a waste of time, as the car will go too slowly to have any impact on an accident. This is wrong however, and it is why an MOT may fail if the seatbelt does not work as it should. It is advisable to get repairs done on these as soon as possible (be they done via https://www.safetyrestore.com/webbing-replacement/119-seat-belt-strap-replacement.html or by a local mechanic) to ensure that the vehicle is safe to operate.

  • Engine Oil

A Car engine oil is not just something you pour into your car at the start of the season and hope it lasts until the end of the season. As with all mechanical components, a few checks need to be done before the MOT inspection, which is a legal requirement in the UK. These checks are vital, as, without them, it is possible that the car could fail the MOT test, and the vehicle may be titled in the UK.


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