Hello and welcome to my blog, I’m Jimmy Martin an English nutritionist from Portsmouth. I have a wife and 4 children (yes I know!) and as all my children know dad gets a new car every 6 months or so. I am a huge car nut, as shown by the design features of my blog, I have always loved cars, my dad was a mechanic and we often spent the weekends tinkering around with the engines of old and new cars. Of course, technology has improved a lot nowadays but I still would rather drive around in a classic car than any other. It just has a completely different feeling than driving around in any modern vehicle. I decided to start this blog so that I could discuss my passion for cars with other people with other car enthusiasts but I have since decided to make this blog about everything that makes up my life, therefore I will be talking about a variety of topics, namely cars, nutrition, and budgeting, and I hope that these are interesting topics for you guys too.

Living next to the harbours means that there are always cool and interesting cars driving past the beachfront. Sometimes it drives my wife crazy the amount that I obsess over cars (yes the pun was intended haha) but she’s used to it now and often joins in with my running commentary of which car brand has the best vehicles right now. However, we are not always talking about cars, we tend to take our children to the beach or park on hot days and then have a movie night together on the weekend. The two older kids often do their own thing now because they are 14 and 16 so they don’t want to be hanging out with mum and dad all the time nowadays, but that’s why we have the 5 and 8-year-old to keep us active on the weekends.

Anyway, I think I have started babbling on in this about section, so I would like to wrap it up and thank you for taking an interest in my blog, it means a lot to me that people are responding to my blog!